Door is the most important invention in architecture that human made. Doors help people to be safe and security inside home.
There are different types of door and every type has a different rule at home.

The material that people used to made doors are very important and people can use different materials.

Materials much common to made doors are:

  • Wood: Wood is one of the most common material that you can use to made doors because it is very simple and easy to work. It is very durable material regarding weather. This type of door has a price variety depends to the type of wood used.
  • Steel: this type of door has incredibly strong and weather resistant. These doors also resist to corrosion. The price is quite high but depends on the size. This door is not much cheap but it is perfect if someone want be safe.
  • Fiberglass: This material is relative newcomer. It is resistant and it’s better to use outside. This material is very easy to colour and shape so you can make door look like wood with every shape you want.
  • Glass: This material is used for interior sliding doors because it permits to enter much more light inside different house’s rooms. It is perfect if you want added lighting inside your home.  These doors have many design and size.
  • Vinyl: this material is extremely cheap and very easy to made or clean. These doors are colour coordinated and with them your home can have a particular style.
  • Aluminium: this material is better suitable for indoor use. With aluminium you can make doors look like you want with colour and design that you needed.
  • Hollow metal: this material is good for extreme weather so usually people use Hollow metal to make very strong exterior doors. If you are worries to corrosion you can decide to use this material to made your doors.

Door Styles:

  • Traditional doors: They have glass panel insert, scrollwork or coloured panes.
  • Craftsmans doors: They usually are made in wood with the fiberglass construction. The main feature of these doors is the window on the top and the single or multiple panes.
  • Modern doors: these doors have a single long pane and they made with different materials.
  • Rustic doors: Normally these doors are older o or look like older doors. Usually they are made in wood or metal.
  • Arched doors: This is the most particular door’s style and it needs to a wide archway and much space.

Interior doors

House with a lot of rooms needs interior doors to ensure privacy.
There are different models and designs that you can use for the doors of your home so you can choose the style that suits your taste.


  • Passage doors: it’s the most common type of interior doors. Usually this type of doors are made from wood or fiberglass.
  • Louver doors: this type of door is used for ventilation. Usually you can find these doors for clothes room. They can be made of wood and with different styles.
  • Sliding doors: If you are minimal space this type of door is the best for you. they slide horizontally so they don’t need much space. to this type of door there are different styles; pocket doors, patio doors and bypass doors.
    Pocket doors look a normal doors but they need a space in the wall. this type of door is expensive to install but it guarantees more space availed on the room.
    Patio doors are a doors that usually people use to show a fantastic garden. Usually this type of door is made by glass to see the view and to enter light inside the house.
    Bypass doors are different than other doors because they need a metal rail to run them to open. They usually are used for dividing rooms.
    Sliding doors help you to save space and they permit to create an illusion of large room even you have a small apartment. These doors can’t made as sturdy as wood doors or traditional doors and you must care of every door’ part because corrosion can take hard the opening. These doors aren’t securities as traditional doors and for this reason that they used usually only like a interior doors.
  • Bifold doors: these doors are used for terraces or garden. They open by a set of doors that run in a metal rail. This type of doors can swipe to 90 degrees and can be moved to one side. Thanks to these doors you can have a fantastic interior’s view from external.
  • French doors: these doors are made by a double door with glass window panes. They usually made by wood.
  • Pocket doors: They are a sliding doors that slide in the wall inside. They usually use when people don’t have much space and they can compost for single or double door with or without window.

Front doors

Front door is one of the first things that you can see of an house. This door must reflect the design of the whole house but it must to have a high level of security to make people feel safe.
There are a lot of design for front door and the most common in Uk are:

  • Single doors
  • Single doors with glazing side or top panels
  • Double doors or French doors
  • Stable doors
  • Pivoting wide doors

With every style that you decide to use for your front door you can insert window panels, privacy glass or different hardware.

Front door needs to be well built and secure so, for this reason, most common materials used to build its are Steel, Fibreglass or Wood.

  • Steel doors are perfect if you have a modern house. These doors are perfect if you don’t want to worry about corrosion.
  • Fibreglass doors are perfect if you want a modern technology with a traditional style. These doors are fantastically weather – resistant.
  • Wood doors are security but also very expensive so this type of door is the most expensive choice.