Windows are one of the house’s part that create the style of the house. The best window for your home depends to the style you want your home to have. There are a lot of window’s model.


  • Single Hung Windows: The lower part of this window can move and the upper part remains immobilized. Thanks to this structure the upper part cover the inside.
  • Double Hung Windows: These windows are similar to Single Hung Windows except that on then both of two part of the windows move. This model is an expensive option.
  • Arched Windows: The curve of the upper part gives a particular design to the window. Most of these windows do not open or close and often are installed to give a particular design and a lot of light inside the house.
  • Awning Windows: These windows are created and are ideal for place when climates change a lot and rains a lot. They are water-resistant so you can open them though rains.
  • Bay Windows: These windows are composed by three-Lite Bay that 2 of these three are smaller than the other part. The bigger part are always fixed and the rest can be vent or fixed. Bay windows create a exterior space so you need a adding more floor space inside the room.
  • Bow Windows: They are composed by four or five openings. Every part of this window has the same dimension of the other parts and the structure is curved. These windows usually give more light inside the room because there are more glass panes than bay windows.
  • Casement Windows: They can swing out to the side or up to open. Usually this type of window is composed by 2 different panes; one on right and one on left made to solid glass.
  • Egress Windows: These windows made for the safety of people because, in case of emergency, they can open and use such as a door. Usually these windows are installed at the base of your home and in some countries they are mandatory by law.
  • Garden Windows: They are a mini bay windows where you can put your plants. For this reason they are look like a mini garden into your home.
  • Glass Block Windows: This type of windows is usually considered a part of home’s design because its purpose is only to light on more inside the room because you can’t open it. Glass Block windows are usually used on bathrooms, basements or private spaces.
  • Hopper Windows: They open from the top and they usually used them where there aren’t not much space. You can find the Hopper windows on the bathroom or on basements.
  • Jalousie Windows: This particular type of window is composed by metal or glass’ splits. You can open slats how much you want so you can decide how many light can enter on the home.
  • Picture Windows: If you have a wonderful landscape outside your home and want to admire it comfortably sitting in the sofa you can install a picture window. This window is a glass panel that you can’t open because it is fixed.
  • Round Circle Windows: This particular model of window give a special atmosphere on your home because it looks a historical design.
  • Skylight Windows: If you don’t have much space but you want a lot of natural light you can install skylight windows. They don’t need to much space because they are a windows installed on your roof.
  • Sliding Windows: They are composed to two sections that one of these sections is fixed while the other section can open and close horizontally. The section that can move it slides over the other sections.
  • Storm Windows: They are exterior windows that people install on your other windows. These windows help to block outside cold weather indeed they are ideal where there is cold and hard weather.
  • Transom Windows: These windows are a decorate windows that help to make unique the design of the home. Usually these windows are used around a door or another window to create special style and decor. You can find these windows in different shape and size.
  • Custom Windows: If you want a particular window and you don’t like all of the models mentioned earlier you can ask a custom window that will be built of any model and size you want.

The price of the window depends the model and the size that you needed.