Glass extensions

Do you want to add value to your home?
One of the best solutions to add value and create a particular place on your home is building a glass extension.
You can install a glass extension also to create more space where you can live or relax you. It’s fantastic for every modern home.
There are a large variety of glass extensions that you can buy and install.

You need to think a lot of things when you want to buy a glass extension. For example you need to consider cost, design, permission and it’s practically or not.
As a lot of things regarding home you must to check all of requirements requested on the planning permission.

As I can write before glass extensions add value at the propriety so you must to remember that on case if you want to sell the home because price will be higher.

Before building a glass extension you must consider if it is right or not for your home:
– design of your home
– position of your home
– weather.

Glass extensions add space to your home, create a fantastic view of your outdoor, and thank them you can have much more natural light inside the home.
Thanks to new technologies you don’t want to worry about cold weather in winter and hot weather in summer because panels regulate the temperature so to maintain the perfect climate.

There are a range of glass extensions where you can find the best solution for your home:
Frameless glass extension or glass box extension: It’s made totally for glass without support of metal or wood. This is the first type of glass extension that people had built and it is used as a room because it has everything in glass: doors and walls.
Glass kitchen extension: it allows natural light on the kitchen and a fantastic view. This type of glass extension can help you to create a fantastic atmosphere for your family and you when you pass the family time. There are many options for the kitchen area.
Contemporary glass extension: On this type of glass extension there are sliding doors so less space is occupied if doors remain open. On this glass extension is used metal or wood to make a support for glass panels.
Thermally efficient extension: this structure is made to be warm during winter days, for this reason, it controls the hot and cold levels in the house.
Glass infill extension
Bay windows glass extension
Shaded glass extension

You can decide to modify the structure of your glass extension as you wish.

Glass Box extensions and modern conservatories can create a completely clear, frameless extension space with no metal support visible.