Interior design

Your home is the place where you should feel yourself and for this reason, the design that you decide for your home is very important.
Your home should represent your character and ideals.
You can decide through a lot of different styles for your home but you must choose what you prefer and that it feels more similar to your soul. If you’re struggling to choose a style for your home, consider enlisting the services of a professional interior design company.
You can find your best interior design inside this list:

  • MODERN: The modern style usually refers to a house where you can find a design that uses clean lines, simple colour and material as metal, glass and steel.
    The word that describes this style is Simplicity because every part is very simple. Exactly for this reason on the modern house you don’t find a lot of accessories and ornaments.
  • CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary style means the design based on the place and the time where are people that use it.
    Often contemporary and modern are used like synonyms but between two style there are some differences.
    Modern is a interpretation to the design of 20th century instead contemporary is hasn’t rigidly defined rules indeed it includes curving lines that modern not include.
  • MINIMALIST: It gets ideas to the modern design thanks to its simplicity. This style uses a neutral and airy colours and simple and clear furnishings. The word that describes this style is functional.
  • INDUSTRIAL: This style is inspirited from storehouse and urban loft. The industrial style create a sense to not finish the build so often you can find exposed brick, ductwork and wood. Usually this type of design is used in loft made from industrial building.
    You can find abstract art or photography to complete rooms where you find a neutral colour scheme. Materials that people used for this style are primary materials as wood and metals.
  • MID-CENTURY MODERN: This style remember the design of the mid-1900s. The word that describes this style is nostalgia and a lot of elements are minimalist.
    On every mid-century modern house you’ll find natural or organic shapes or simple fabrications.
  • SCANDINAVIAN: This style is inspired by Nordic country’s life. The home with this style feels a work of art thanks to its particular lines.
    Another essential feature to this style is the colour indeed it’s used all-white colour palettes with natural elements like wood, aluminium, steel etc.
    Only coloured elements could be some furniture, flowers or art.
    This design makes the house spacious and bright.
  • TRADITIONAL: Thanks to this design you can have on your home classic details, luxurious furnishings and a lot of accessories. Traditional homes usually used wood as a material principal, rich colour and a lot of textures. Everything, on this style, has a lot of rich details.
  • TRANSITIONAL: this style is both of traditional and modern. It’s very popular because it balances characteristics that belong of the other two styles. The Transitional design uses a modern materials, plush furnishings and neutral colours.
  • FRENCH COUNTRY: This style are composed by warm and earthy colours and wooden furnishing with a lot of details. Predominant colours from this style are red, yellow and gold. On French country’s homes you can find natural material to build furniture, ornate porcelain dishes, heavy linens and bed coverings.
  • BOHEMIAN: This style has no special rules or features because everything is left to a lasses-faire attitude and to what the house owner loves. On these homes you can find a lot of vintage elements together a ultra-glam and luxury elements.
  • RUSTIC: This style born from a natural inspirations so usually its elements are built with wood and stone. On the Rustic home you can find wood beams or reclaimed wood floors.
  • SHABBY CHIC: It is vintage-inspired style. Colours used by this style are white, cream and pastels. This style is very feminine and rooms are decorated by light fixture and wall hangings.
  • HOLLYWOOD GLAM: This style is look like luxury and opulent. The homeowner to a Hollywood glam’s home must to have strong character because this style is so incisor.
    Elements of this design could be velvet furnishings and antiques. Colours that you can find on home with this particular style are purple, red and turquoise.
  • COASTAL/HAMPTONS: It is the style that you can find on Hamptons’ homes. Furnishings are usually beige or white and on rooms there are a lot of wood elements and big windows. Colours that you can find on this type of homes are blue, green, white and the airy colour palettes.

Whatever be the interior design that you prefer; you have to furnish your home as you like with personal ornaments.