Home security

Home is the place to you would be feel safe and for this reason is better to install a home security service.
Thanks to technology, you can have a smart home security service that you can make your home safer.

It’s composed by:

  • CCTV (closed circuit television). It is a circuit compose by tv cameras that they can record videos and images when you don’t stay at home.
  • smart locks:
  • motion detectors: If there are something that it moves these sensors switch on the lights. Usually you can find motion detectors outside the home to try to scare thieves.
  • window sensors: If there is a window opens these sensors sound the alarm.
  • door sensors: If there is a door opens these sensors sound the alarm.
  • digital cameras: These cameras are able to save videos or images thanks to automatically upload on the cloud.

The latest systems give you the ability to connect every components of your security systems with smartphone so you can keep tabs on your home whenever you are.

In recent years the number of domestic burglaries in England and Wales has decreased thanks to the use of security home system.