Staircase design

The perfect staircase design must be practical, safe and stylish.
When you want to build a new staircase or change a olden with a new staircase you must to consider different parameters; size, layout, materials and lighting. You must consider everything for your safety.

To guarantee the safety for everyone you must to follow every rules to the Building Regulation. On UK there are requirements that your staircase must to have. Requirements regarding every staircase’s element.

The first thing that you must determine is the size of the staircase. Considering the requirement related to the rise of the staircase, it must be between 190mm and 220mm.

Usually, the base for the staircase is best located near the front door. There are four different design scheme for domestic staircase but usually, you can’t decide what scheme you prefer because you must to build the scheme that it’s better for your safety and the home’s situation.

Most houses use the staircase’s scheme that it calls “winders” with a navigate 90 ° turns. Another type of staircase is the Spiral staircase; it has a fantastic look and can be built where there isn’t much space, but this model is not very practical and it’s very expensive.

You need to decide on a staircase design that looks similar to the rest of your home. On your staircase, you can insert glass elements or elements into another material to make your staircase particular and sophisticated. Also to make special your staircase you can add lights on the steps. The lighting helps also to light up space in the room where you find the staircase.


  • WOOD STAIRCASE: Wood is a fantastic material to make a staircase because it is versatile to create every style. This type of staircase is usually used on traditional houses where you can find an impressive wooden staircase but you can also use this material for staircases on contemporary homes. In this last case, the wooden staircase is often composed only of big wooden steps.
    Wood is a very strong, versatile and easy to work material but it is also a very popular material.
    The cost of this type of staircase depends on the type of wood that you want to use for your staircase. For example, pine or plywood are the cheapest solutions instead ash or oak are much more expensive than softwood.
  • GLASS and ACRYLIC STAIRCASE: The glass floating staircase help to light up the flow with natural light and allow to create a contemporary design for your room and home. Glass is strong and every step is composed of two or three layers together. Acrylic is a delicate material that is scratched. Also, this material is flammable so you can’t use this type of staircase as escape routes.
    It’s not a cheap material to use to build a staircase especially if you rely on a specialist. If you don’t want to give up a glass staircase but at the same time you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can buy a staircase make with combinate materials; for example, buy a glass panel to make the balustrade and steps make with another material.
  • METAL STAIRCASE: This material is used to create an industrial atmosphere in your home. Metal is perfect to build a spiral or straight flight design. You can combine this staircase with glass balustrades.
    It very important to consider that the metal staircase
    poorly designed may look too industrial.
  • STONE and CONCRETE STAIRCASE: You can use this type of staircase for many different home designs; for example, this staircase can be used for traditional or contemporary homes. Usually, this type of staircase is assembled on site.
    Stone and concrete staircases create a sense of solidity but they are expensive.