Garden design

Like every part of the house so the garden needs a particular and special design to create the best place where to live.
No worries if you have a small or big lawn because to create a dream garden you need to work hard and with passion.

To transform your outside space on the garden you want you need to follow some indications.

  • GET YOUR LAWN INTO SHAPE: To have a particular garden you can decide to change the routine and create your garden with a different shape that rectangle. You can use every type of shape as circle, oval or square. Also to create a dream garden you must to maintain the perfect cut.
  • NEVER SKIMP ON YOUR FLOWERBEDS: To have a complete garden you need to plant also small plants in the foreground and taller plant behind. If you have space you can use climbing plants to create a situation where you can have green around you.
  • LANDSCAPING SETS THE TONE: One of the things that create a particular design on your garden is the paving slabs. You can decide the style of your garden deciding the colour of your paving.
    If you choose grey or white stone lying in a random pattern you can have a French country look. If you decide to use a black or silver paving organised in a systematic design you have a modern look while using a randomly organized gold coloured stone you get an English country look.
  • COORDINATE YOUR PLANTS AND PAVING: Attention to detail is the part most important to create your perfect garden. You must to create a colour coordinate scheme between paving and plants. For example if you have a grey or white paving you can use purple or white flowers. If you have a black and silver paving you can use colours like red, orange or yellow for your flowers. To create a fantastic atmosphere with a golden paving you can use pink, lavender or chalky yellow flowers.
  • PLAN YOUR PLANTING: The best garden is that there are a lot of different plants. You can plant both flowering plants both evergreen plants of every size so you create your little corner of paradise. To create an harmonious context you need to use five or six different type of plants in your garden.
  • REMEMBER THE FOUR SEASONS: To have your garden always with colour and fantastic you must to choose some flowering plants of different seasons so you can have your garden bloom all year round.
  • DON’T STINT ON SEATING SPACE: If you decide to insert a table with chairs on your garden to spend your time outside with your family or friends to laugh or talk you must to don’t forget to leave some space to stay comfortable. This external room needs much more space that you think.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BOUNDARIES: It’s important create a fence to save and create your perfect garden. You need to decide with your neighbours the best method to divided your garden from neighbours’ garden. You and your neighbours would have the same type of fence so you can create a perfect combination of colour and plants. You must to establish this before to start the garden’s project so you can decide everything you need on your garden in reference to fence.
  • INTEGRATE YOUR ONRAMENTS: Garden ornaments help to create with plants the perfect atmosphere for your garden. You can put these ornaments near or between your plants so you can create a particular design. If you have a small garden you can use some ornaments but not too big so to give a balance at the garden’s design.
  • CREATE A GARDEN ROOM: If you have a lot of space and the possibility to create a garden room, this can add more value at your garden. You can use this room as a home office, a yoga studio or to relax yourself with your family or friends. It is a extension of your home inserted in the peace of your garden.
    If you don’t have much space you can use garden ornaments as outdoor cushions or to create a small, inviting and cosy place into your garden to relax yourself.
  • DON’T FORGET LIGHTS: Lights help to create the perfect atmosphere for your garden. You can use lanterns or fairy light. Besides creating atmosphere they also serve to illuminate the garden for dining outside in the summer evening.
  • SMALL SPACE SOLUTIONS: If you have small space but you want to crate a particular design you can use vertical planting so you can exploit all of the space possible.
    It’s not a problem if you have a small garden and you want create a place for you because there are a lot of garden ornaments perfect for compact spaces.
  • CREATE A SPACE FOR KIDS: Have you kids? You don’t forgot that kinds love playing outside so you have to create an area for them.
    If you have a big garden the best solution is install a playhouse but if you can’t do this there are a lot of different solution to create the perfect kinds’ space. you can buy tables and chairs so your kinds can play outside when the weather permits.
  • DON’T FORGET THE WILDLIFE: You need to considered the impact that your garden has to the wildlife. For this reason you can buy and install bird feeders or something similar.

If you decide to follow these indications you can made your dream garden and create a fantastic corner of paradise.