Kitchen design

The kitchen is the home’s room which design changes faster than other rooms thanks to technology and trends.
As you can see modern kitchens are very different than kitchens forty years ago. The older kitchens served only to cook and have dinner with the family.
Instead, modern kitchens are areas where the family lives and they are a space to socialise, cook and eat.
The kitchen is one of the places more important in the home because it is not only a place where you can cook but it’s when you can spend a lot of time with your family.
Considering that the Kitchen is becoming a versatile area in the house and its design is essential and very important for all the house.

The contemporary kitchen design is changed a lot during years; for example on 1950s people had a kitchen coloured with pastel shades or on 1980s people preferred vibrant colours with simple and clear lines.
Now people prefer darker colours or shades of these because they offer a perception of luxury and elegance. Modern kitchens are characterized by clear lines. Usually on the modern kitchens you can find a LED lighting.

Considering that kitchen is a place where families live a lot of part of their life it’s most important create a sense of space. To create more space people want to eliminate wall cabinets so allow lights to light up all of the room.
The innovate solution of modern kitchen balance the need to be a functional place where cook fantastic dinner with the need to be a place where you can relax with your family and friends.
Thanks to innovative storage solutions on the kitchen at the same time you can find everything that you want and you can have much more sense of space.

One of the kitchen’s parts that become very welcome on the house is islands and peninsulas. These options create a space and they are a very important innovations for the kitchen. They are the kitchen’s point for socialise with the family or friends. If you have a large island on your kitchen you can use it as place for meals with the family, do homework or converse and relax.
If your kitchen has a luxury style your island or peninsulas should have a soft light to light up the space where is it located.

Nowadays technology helps us in everything in our life. For this reason there are different devices for kitchen that help people to live better.
There are a lot of different devices for smart kitchen, for example:

  • motion-activated taps
  • coffee machine that prepares coffee before you getting up in the morning
  • fridge that informs you to the stocks that you have
  • light that switch on thanks to vocal command

The kitchen constantly progressing and changing so it’s becoming the first place on the house for family.